Usual Offers & Discounts

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01. "Early Booking" Offer

This is a common offer announced by the ferry companies early on in order to boost their sales during the winter period. Schedules and prices are usually announced around November for the coming year (mostly concerns the Italy-Greece routes).

For those of you finalizing your reservation before the end of February, you may be entitled to an additional discount ranging between 15%-30% depending on the ferry company.

Please note that reservations confirmed with the Early Booking Discount cannot be cancelled. They can be moved to other travel dates or made open for travel by the end of the year. In both cases though, you are required to pay the price difference towards the normal catalogue price (ie to the price your booking would cost without the Early Booking offer).

02. "Camping on Board" Service

The Camping on Board Service concerns passengers travelling with their camper or caravan between Italy – Greece. These vehicles can be parked on the ferry’s open deck and passengers can stay in their vehicles during the trip.

The cost of this service includes a deck ticket per person plus the cost of their vehicle/s. Power outlets (220Volt) are provided for the camping vehicles and passengers have access to common WC/Shower facilities on board.

Pets are generally allowed on the open deck, as long as they do not pose a problem for the other passengers using the service.

Camping on Board is permitted between 1st April and 31st October.

03. "Camping all Inclusive" Offer

Instead of the Camping on Board Service, Minoan Lines offers the the "Camping all Inclusive" Οffer for passengers travelling with their camper or caravan between Italy-Greece. This offer includes an inside cabin (AB4, AB3, AB2) for the price of a deck ticket per passenger plus the cost of their vehicle/s.

Camping vehicles are parked in the closed garage with access to electricity (220Volt) but owners do not have access during the trip.

An additional 30% discount is offered for Camping all Inclusive passengers for all restaurants and bars on board.

If you are travelling with your pet, a limited number of pet cabins are included in the offer. These are also inside cabins (AB4, AB3, AB2) where pets are allowed. In this case a small surcharge applies per route.

04. Offers for Automobile Club Members

If you are a member of an automobile club, you are probably eligible for a discount. To see which automobile clubs participate in each offer and what discount each ferry company offers, please click on the following links :

05. Age Discounts

A passenger’s age influences the cost of the ticket. A discount is usually offered to seniors, youths, children and infants. The age limits per passenger type vary from company to company and also from route to route (not the same for international and domestic routes).

06. Student Discounts

You are requested to show your student ID at the check-in desk on the day of departure.

On international routes, a discount is offered to all students of all Universities included ISIC card holders.

On domestic routes, a discount is offered to students of all Greek Universities (AEi/TEI), the Greek Open University, Greek Technical Colleges and in some cases ISIC card holders.

07. Offers for Families and Friends

If you are travelling in a group of 3 or more, you are possibly entitled to a "family" discount. They are called "family offers" but extend to groups of friends as long as they all book the same accommodation category under the same reservation code

Family offers apply mainly to 3- and 4-bed cabins (Α3, ΑΒ3, Α4, ΑΒ4 etc) for passengers travelling with or without a vehicle.

In some cases (mostly on international routes) a discount is also offers for 4+ passengers travelling deck or in aircraft type seats plus a vehicle. Please note that these offers vary from ferry company to ferry company and possibly from route to route.

08. Return Trip Discount

On all international routes as well as most domestic routes, a return trip discount is offered. If you book your return trip at the same time as your outbound trip you are entitled to a discount (usually between 20%-30%) on the return trip tickets (not the entire reservation).

If you book your outbound tickets and return later to book your return separately, you are not entitled to the return trip discount. Both legs must be booked at the same time under the same reservation code. If you do not know the date of your return, you can still take advantage of the discount by booking an open return ticket.

Please note that open return tickets are issued with Low Season prices. If you eventually choose to return in a more expensive season, a difference in price will occur.

09. Members of Ferry Company Loyalty & Bonus Programmes

If you are a member of a ferry company’s Loyalty / Bonus Club and are entitled to a discount or enjoy certain privileges when using your card, you do not miss out when making your reservation with us!

When booking from our online system, simply insert your membership card number is the respective field and your member privileges are secured.

Please note that your membership card must be inserted before the booking is complete

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From today, August 13, 2020 a new decree by the Italian Minister of Health has come into force providing the following alternative measures which apply to people entering Italy after staying in, or transiting from Croatia, Malta, Greece or Spain in the last 14 days:

a. Obligation to present a certificate showing a negative result of a swab, done within the 72 hours prior to entry in Italy.


b. Obligation to undergo a molecular or antigen test carried out through a swab upon arrival at the Italian airport, port or border place, where possible; or carried out, within 48 hours from entering the Italian territory, at the competent Italian National Public Health clinic. In this latter case, while waiting for the examination test, people are due to wait in fiduciary isolation at their place of residence or dwelling.

All people, regardless of symptoms, entering Italy from the above mentioned countries are due to immediately inform the Prevention Department of the competent Italian National Health office about their arrival. In the event of outbreaks of symptoms of Covid 19, the obligation of immediate information to Italian Health Authority (through the relevant phone number) as well as of self-isolation remain into force.

Moreover, it is also recommended to verify the possible existence of regional decrees that could introduce additional specifications and requirements for entry into the regional territory. For direct access to the websites of the Regions, here.

To download the necessary Declaration Form for entry in Italy from abroad, please click here.