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Milos Ferries

Milos Ferries Cycladic Islands

Ships and Ferries to the island of Milos in the Cyclades Travel Information for ferries to Milos. Island of Milos Cyclades.


HISTORY History of Milos Island Cyclades Greece

In historical times, the island was occupied by the Dorians from Laconia. In the 6th century BC, it again produced a remarkable series of vases, of large size, with mythological subjects and oriental ornamentation, and also a series of terra-cotta reliefs.

Though the Melians sent a contingent to the Greek fleet at Salamis, it did not become part of the Delian League, and sought to remain neutral during the Peloponnesian War. But in 415 BC the Athenians launched an attack on the island and compelled the Melians to surrender, killed all the men capable of bearing arms, made slaves of the women and children, and introduced 500 Athenian colonists. Thucydides made this event the basis of one of the most impressive of the "speeches" in his history. Written like the others in more complex and difficult Greek than his pellucid narrative, this passage, known as the Melian Dialogue, is a locus classicus for the contest between raison d'état and ethical action, and is the fulcrum at which the state of Athens in his history abandoned the noble ideals with which it had entered the war and began to pursue simply its own self-interest. Lysander restored the island to its Dorian possessors, but it never recovered its former prosperity.

There were many Jewish settlers in Milos in the beginning of the Christian era, and Christianity was introduced early. During the "Frankish" period the island formed part of the Duchy of Naxos, except for the few years (1341-1383) when it was a separate lordship under Marco Sanudo and his daughter. Today's population, about 4700, is considerably less than it was in 1907 (4,864 in the towns, 12,774 in the country).