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Milos Ferries

Milos Ferries Cycladic Islands

Ships and Ferries to the island of Milos in the Cyclades Travel Information for ferries to Milos. Island of Milos Cyclades.


ARCHAEOLOGY Archaeology of Milos Island Cyclades Greece

Ancient Filakopi

Ancient Filakopi according to archaeological studies is the first city that belongs to the Procylcladic Age. Its remains are on the road from Plaka to Apollona.

The archaeological excavations brought to light findings from three different historic periods that express all phases of the Cycladic civilization.The remains of three towns were found, each one built over the remains of the other.

The first town was built during the pre-Cycladic period (3rd millennium BC), the second during the mid-Cycladic (2nd millenium BC) and the third, with influence from the Minoan civilization, flourished during the post-Cycladic period (1500-1100 BC). The most important monuments in this archaeological site are the Kiklopio walls and the Mansion.

Ancient Theatre

Close to village of Clima the remains of an ancient theatre were discovered. The date of its construction goes back to the Hellenistic times.

Today the visitor can see the concave of the theatre with its seven marble rows of seats, the orchestra pit, the stage floor and other architectural points of interest. It was near the theatre that the famous statue of Aphrodite was found. This renowned statue was discovered accidentally by a farmer in 1820. Today it is exhibited in the Louvre Museum.