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Milos Ferries

Milos Ferries Cycladic Islands

Ships and Ferries to the island of Milos in the Cyclades Travel Information for ferries to Milos. Island of Milos Cyclades.




Plaka Milos Island Cyclades Greece

Plaka is the capital of the island. You will find in this traditional village most of the civil service offices and the folk and archaeological museums - custodians of the cultural heritage from the distant to the more recent past.

The churches which, by their very existence, remind us of the history of this volcanic hill from the time of its first settlement until today are also to be found here.


Adamas Milos Island Cyclades Greece

Adamas is a seaside village with approximately one thousand inhabitants and is a tourist centre and port. Adamas offers you the utmost in comfort and pleasure for your holiday.

Peace and quiet is combined with entertainment and an enticing night life. Banks, a post-office, port police, customs office, doctors, dentists, a chemist shop, Greek and international tourist agencies, are just a few of the facilities available to the visitor.

Triovassalos - Plakes

Triovassalos - Plakes Milos Island Cyclades Greece

Driving uphill from the port, we first come to the two villages which have merged into one due to considerable commercial development. There are two particularly interesting churches ... Agios Spiridonas in Triovassalos and Agios Georgios in Pera Triovassalos.


Tripiti Milos Island Cyclades Greece

Picturesque windmills crown the hillside above the village and although once used to grind wheat, they are now being adapted to provide unusual summer accommodation. Stopping for a moment, we can see the imposing church of Agios Nicholas, built in 1880.


Klima Milos Island Cyclades Greece

Klima is the brightly coloured fishing village which attract the visitors so much as they enter the Gulf of Milos. As you sit on the water-front watching the sun dipping below the western horizon, it casts its shimmering crimson rays along the beaches.