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Kefalonia Ferries

Kefalonia Ferries Ionian Islands

Ships and Ferries to the island of Kefalonia in the Ionian Travel Information for ferries to Kefalonia. Island of Kefalonia Ionian.


MYTHOLOGY Mythology of Kefalonia Greek Islands Ionian Greece

According to mythology Kefalonia, was named after hero Kefalos, the son of Hermes and Ersi. Kefalos was married to Prokrida, the daughter of Erehthion.

Io however (goddess of dawn) fell in love with him and kidnapped him. From the relationship between Kefalos and Io, three sons came up, Faethon, Tithon and Esperos. As years went by, Kefalos missed his old wife and therefore he turned back to her. But the marriage of Kefalos and Prokrida had bitter end.

When, one day as he hunted, Prokris was spying at Kefalos (she thought that Kefalos singed a love poem to Io, although in reality the poem was meant to be for Prokrida). Kefalos heard her and he thought she was an animal. So he threw his javelin to her.

This javelin was magical as goddess Artemis had given it to Prokrida as a gift and it never lost its target. As a result Prokrida was deadly injured and passed away. While crossing over, she made Kefalos swear, on their marriage, that he would never marry Io.