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Kefalonia Ferries

Kefalonia Ferries Ionian Islands

Ships and Ferries to the island of Kefalonia in the Ionian Travel Information for ferries to Kefalonia. Island of Kefalonia Ionian.




Argostoli Kefalonia Greek Islands Ionian Greece

Argostoli is the island’s capital from 1757 to this day.

It was a well-built quiet provincial city with unique style until the devastating earthquake of 1953 which completely destroyed it. This didn’t discourage the residents who rebuilt the city in the same way so as to preserve the architecture of old buildings.


Poros Kefalonia Greek Islands Ionian Greece

Poros is found at east of Argostoli 41 km from the city. It is an area where mountains reach the sea and the beach is one of the largest and the most beautiful in the island having picturesque taverns and a well-organised tourist infrastructure. In its port there are hosted yachts and small boats as well.


Lixuri is found 31 km at the north-west part of the island's capital. Lixuri was a beautiful city but the earthquakes of 1867 and especially that of 1953 totally destroyed it.

It is a city with wide streets, squares, gardens, churches and beautiful buildings.