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Agathonisi Ferries

Agathonisi Ferries Dodecanese Islands

Ships and Ferries to the island of Agathonisi in the DodecaneseTravel Information for ferries to Agathonisi. Island of Agathonisi Dodecanese.


ARCHITECTURE Architecture Agathonisi Dodecanese Greek Islands Greece

There are about 110 inhabitants on the island today, the majority of whom live in Megalo Chorio, the oldest village on the island. It is situated in an area undetected by the sea and indicates their need to be protected from the pirates of the Aegean Sea.

The oldest buildings in Megalo Chorio are worth mentioning for their special architectural style. They are rectangular, ground - floored, one - roomed buildings with thatched roofed attics. The houses are built of stone and the inner walls are covered with red soil.

However, the modern houses are built differently, so as to satisfy the needs of modern life. As a result, the number of the old buildings is gradually reducing as they are replaced with modern ones.

The architectural style of the old houses in Mikro Chorio is not different from that of the buildings in Megalo Chorio.

However, the buildings are ordered in a different way as the houses are built around a common round courtyard. There are no windows in the outer walls, and this fact can lead us to the conclusion that they were built in this way for reasons of safety. Needless to say, the modern buildings are not built in the same style.