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Antiparos Ferries

Antiparos Ferries Cycladic Islands

Ships and Ferries to the island of Antiparos in the Cyclades Travel Information for ferries to Antiparos. Island of Antiparos Cyclades.


MYTHOLOGY Mythology of Antiparos Island Cyclades Greece

According to Greek mythology the creation of the Cyclades is attributed to the god Neptune. It is said that the god of the sea transformed the nymphs, Cyclades, into islands, when they angered him.

Other legends refer to their name as being derived from the word meaning circle as the islands are scattered around the sacred island of Delos or because the winds that blow strongly here forced the boats to spin.

Mythical fables are attributed to the formation of each island while legends reflect their turbulent history. Due to the location of the Cyclades between the continents of Greece, Asia and Africa, they were a trading link throughout their history and spread the development of culture to the surrounding regions.