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Anafi Ferries

Anafi Ferries Cycladic Islands

Ships and Ferries to the island of Anafi in the Cyclades Travel Information for ferries to Anafi. Island of Anafi Cyclades.


HISTORY History of Anafi Cyclades Greek Islands Greece

The archaeological discoveries on the island testify that Anafi was inhabited from ancient times. On the hill of Kalamos, near the monastery of the Virgin Mary of Kalamiotissa ruins of an ancient city and the temple of Apollo exist. In the 5th century B.C. Anafi was an ally of Athens.

In 1207 the island was occupied by the Venetians. It was a part of the Duchy of Naxos and was under the sovereignty of Mark Sanoydos At this time the castle of Chora was built, the ruins of which can be seen today. The island found itself at the mercy of pirates on many occasions and suffered much destruction as a result.

In 1537 it came under Turkish rule. During the occupation of Anafi by the Ottoman Empire, many of its residents were transported to Mikra Asia.

The residents of Anafi took part in the Revolution 1821 and the island, together with Thira and Astypalaia, became a formal part of the Southern Cyclades.

In 1824, during of revolution, the residents were forced to abandon the island and to flee to Amorgos. With the treaty of London (18-8-1832) Anafi was incorporated officially in the free Greek State.