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Navi Kalymnos

Kalymnos Traghetti Dodecaneso

Navi e traghetti per l’ isola di Kalymnos nel DodecanesoInformazioni turistiche per itinerari di traghetti verso Kalymnos. Isola di Kalymnos del Dodecaneso.



Marine Founding's Museum

Marine Founding's Museum Kalymnos - Dodecaneso - Isole Greche - Grecia

This is a private museum, a work of Valsamidi brothers born and living in Kalymnos. With love for the sea and willing to share the joys and wealth with the people, built this museum with very personal effort and zeal. Worked as architects, builders, collectors, decorators without ever stopping his favourite activity, diving.

The result is impressive. The findings, derived from thousands of dives in the seas of the earth, including nearly that can be encountered in the bottom. Large varieties of fish, cochlea, shellfish, starfish, corals, shark, chelonoeidi and of course all kind of sponges. Part of the museum is devoted to the profession of sponge and includes all the tools and SUITS used by divers from 1872 until today.

Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum of Kalymnos is in the district of Agia Triada in Pothia. The Archaeological Museum of Kalymnos unfolding in modular historical and cultural progress of the place from the prehistoric to the Metavyzantinous times, through the presentation of a large number of bronze and marble sculptures, clay pots, figurines, tools, coins, devotional objects, handmade objects and weapons. Open from Tuesday until Sunday hours 08:30 - 15:00. On Monday, is closed.

Naval Museum

At the Naval Museum of Kalymnos founded in 1994, shows the naval tradition of the island, history and methods of sponge, and many objects from ancient ship wrecks. On four rooms of the museum there are a lot of objects from the profession of sponge and treatment of fisherman.

Located on the coastline of Pothias, the building of the old Vouvaleioy Technical School, next to City Hall and operates: Daily: 7:00-13:30 - Saturday and Sunday 10.00-12:30