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Scegliere Viaggio in Traghetto
Scegliere Viaggio in Traghetto

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Zante Ferries - Termini & Condizioni

Si consiglia vivamente di conoscere a fondo i termini e le condizioni della compagnia di traghetti con cui si viaggia. Di seguito troverete i termini ufficiali che regolano la prenotazione e il viaggio con Zante Ferries. Se avete bisogno di ulteriori chiarimenti, non esitare a contattare il vostro esperto personale di prenotazione traghetti per ricevere assistenza.

Passenger daily discounts (7 days a week):

  • STU 50% (Student card, valid only in DECK economy class)*,
  • NAT 50% (NAT pensioners),
  • POL 50% (Large families),
  • TRI 50% (third children),
  • Disabled 50% (Special discount, valid also in cabins)**,
  • CHI 50% (Children from 6-10 years old, valid also in cabins) and CHI 50% (Children from 6-10 years old, valid also in cabins) and
  • INF 100% (infant (for babies up to 5 years old)

Passengers entitled to a discount must declare this when booking their seats and present all the necessary supporting documents both when the discount tickets are issued and when boarding the ferry.

For the periods from 24/03/23 to 26/03/23, 12/04/23 to 18/04/23, 28/04/23 to 01/05/23, 02/06/23 to 06/06/23 and 03/07/23 to 03/09/23 the following shall apply:

  • Ticket cancellations can be made up to 5 days before the departure of the ferry.
  • Tickets are cancelled without cancellation fee or converted to open date or for another date.

For the rest of the period the following applies:

  • Cancellations can be made up to 3 days before departure. Tickets can be cancelled without cancellation fee or converted to open date or for another date.
  • From 3 days up to 2 hours before departure, 50% cancellation fee will be deducted or the tickets will be converted to open date.

For all periods after the departure of the ferry, tickets are not cancelled and are not converted to open date tickets. Open tickets cannot be cancelled, are valid for one year from the date of issue and may be changed once.

Tickets cannot be cancelled by telephone. Interested parties must hand in their tickets to the issuing agency for a refund to be issued.

Vehicle Discount:

Please be informed that the 50% disabled discount applies (vehicles for persons with disabled discount).

In addition, we remind you that for the best loading of the ship, choose the categories IX1<4,25m or IX2>4,25m and there is no fare difference.

In case of a lost ticket, the passenger is obliged to buy a new ticket and then he/she must declare in writing to the company the loss of the ticket indicating the details of the old ticket and the new one.

If the lost ticket is found not to have travelled, after an inspection by the company, within one month from the date of travel, a ticket of the same value will be given free of charge or the passenger will be reimbursed the value of the fare of the ticket.


Finance Officers carry out ticket controls on board and during the journey. During the control, passengers shall be required to show their tickets and commercial discount documents if a discount ticket has been issued.


The carrier is not responsible for loss of money, valuables or luggage in the public areas of the ship, vehicles or cabins.


Our company makes every effort to keep up to the timetables that have been approved and posted in the online booking system. However, we reserve the right to modify them if necessary.

The duration of the voyage refers to the time between leaving the port of departure to the port of arrival.

For any further information or any clarification please contact us at +0030 2810 529000 or send us an e-mail:

1. *Students and students of national universities and TEI (including students of the Open University).

2. **Disabled persons are persons with a disability rate of 80% and more.

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