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Scegliere Viaggio in Traghetto
Scegliere Viaggio in Traghetto

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N. L. Adriatica

N. L. Adriatica - Termini & Condizioni

Si consiglia vivamente di conoscere a fondo i termini e le condizioni della compagnia di traghetti con cui si viaggia. Di seguito troverete i termini ufficiali che regolano la prenotazione e il viaggio con N. L. Adriatica. Se avete bisogno di ulteriori chiarimenti, non esitare a contattare il vostro esperto personale di prenotazione traghetti per ricevere assistenza.


Every passenger must have a valid passage ticket to travel on the Social Ferries, issued by the Social Ticket Offices or authorized points of sale. The ticket must be shown to the boarding personnel along with the "passenger's copy" and the "reservation voucher - valid for boarding." The ticket is personal and cannot be transferred to others; it must be kept for the entire duration of the journey and presented upon any request by the onboard staff or officials of the Companies responsible for inspection. Passengers found without a ticket or with a non-compliant ticket (for time and date of the journey, type, passenger, or applied fare) will be required to pay the full amount of the above ticket. The passenger ticket is valid for the deck passage; it does not guarantee a seat.


Passenger tickets are valid only for the indicated journey; non-utilization does not entitle to any refund. The reservation can be changed once, at least 24 hours before departure. Customers are responsible for checking the accuracy of the ticket issued at the time of purchase. No complaints regarding the correspondence of purchased travel tickets will be accepted after departure.


Tickets issued are refundable under the following conditions:

  • Ticket cancellation within 15 minutes of issuance. The refund will be total without any penalty.
  • Ticket cancellation one day before the departure date. The refund will not be granted. The entire participation fee for the journey will be forfeited.
  • Ticket cancellation two days before the departure date. A penalty of 25% of the ticket will be applied.
  • Ticket cancellation three days before the departure date. The refund will be total without any penalty.

Special rate tickets are non-refundable unless the journey is not carried out, and they cannot be modified for other connections either. Group rate tickets cannot be partially refunded. Only if the journey for which the ticket was issued is not performed, it will be possible to request a full refund of the ticket. In case of non-performance of the service due to the shipping company's fault, the passenger who intends to use the ticket on the same route within seven days after the service is canceled must first go to the ticket office to allow the issuance of a new ticket. This will be done without applying any surcharge. In the same cases, the passenger who intends to obtain a refund of the price must submit a written request accompanied by the original ticket, complete in every part, to the ticket office within the same seven-day period mentioned above. The shipping company undertakes to refund the ticket price within 15 working days from the date of the request.


The delay in departure is governed by ART. 404 of the Navigation Code to which reference is made. The Company is not responsible for damages resulting from the non-performance and/or incorrect execution of the transport in the event that the event is due to unforeseeable circumstances, force majeure, adverse weather and sea conditions, strikes, and technical failures constituting force majeure and/or other causes not attributable to the carrier. In the presence of events that may compromise the safety of the ship and/or passengers, the ship's Captain has the authority to modify the itinerary and/or cancel or delay the departure. Crossing times are indicative and calculated based on the distance between ports in favorable weather and sea conditions. The Company cannot be held responsible for delays due to port operations.


Foot passengers must present themselves for boarding at least 15 minutes before departure. Passengers with reservations made remotely (via call center or internet) must mandatory check-in at the airport ticket offices at least 1 hour before the booked departure, presenting suitable documentation to confirm the accuracy of the data provided during booking. In case of discrepancies, the reservation will be canceled, and it will be necessary to purchase a new ticket for boarding, subject to seat availability.


According to the Navigation Code, if the passenger does not board within the specified time, they are not entitled to a refund of the ticket price. A passenger who can no longer travel due to reasons not attributable to them is entitled to a refund of the passage ticket according to the methods specified in ART.3. The impediment must be notified in writing to the Company, the social ticket offices, or the point of sale that issued the ticket. If the passenger interrupts the journey due to their own fault, the Company is not legally obliged to grant any refund of any booking fees paid by the customer for the purchase of advance travel tickets.


Duplicates will not be issued for lost or stolen tickets.


Transport rates are those in force in the Companies at the time of maritime passage. The tariff can be consulted upon request by the interested party at the Social Ticket Offices, on board Commands, and the Companies' offices. Those entitled to tariff reductions must show the corresponding supporting documents, both at the time of ticket purchase and boarding.


Tickets do not serve as invoices.


The departure times of the company's ships, as well as their itineraries, may be subject to changes, even without notice, for technical reasons not attributable to the Company, force majeure, justified reasons, and/or events that may compromise the safety of the ship and/or passengers, as well as due to port traffic or restrictions imposed by competent Authorities and Bodies.


According to the Navigation Code, if the ship's departure is prevented for reasons not attributable to the Company, the contract is terminated, and the passenger will only be refunded the ticket price. If the Company, for reasons not attributable to it, cancels the ship's departure, and if the passenger does not wish to take advantage of the opportunity to travel on another Company's ship departing later, the contract is terminated, and the Company will only be required to refund the amount paid. Likewise, the passenger may request the termination of the contract if the Company changes the ship's itinerary to their detriment. If the Company cancels the departure or changes the ship's itinerary for justified reasons, the compensation for any damages suffered by the passenger, if due, cannot exceed double the net passage price. If the ship's voyage is interrupted due to force majeure or other causes not attributable to the Company, the passage price is due in proportion to the portion of the journey effectively traveled; however, the Company is entitled to the entire price if, within a reasonable time and at its own expense, it arranges for the passenger to continue the journey.


From the moment of boarding until disembarkation, the passenger is required to comply with the instructions given by the ship's Command and those notified through notices posted in various areas of the Social Ferries. The Company is not responsible for any damages to the passenger resulting from the failure to observe such notices or instructions. In addition to complying with prohibitions and instructions, the passenger is obliged to behave in a manner that does not cause harm or inconvenience to other travelers or onboard personnel or compromise the safety of navigation. They must also surrender any weapons they may carry with them to the ship's Captain, to be retrieved only upon disembarkation.


The transport of unaccompanied luggage is not allowed. In the event of our staff finding unaccompanied luggage or parcels, the Company will seize them. "Hand luggage" is defined as luggage containing personal effects, weighing no more than 10 kg, and with dimensions not exceeding 60X40X30 cm, which travels with the passenger. Specific authorization from the ship's Command is required for the embarkation of different types of luggage; for luggage weighing more than 10 kg or exceeding dimensions of 60X40X30 cm, the corresponding travel ticket must be purchased. It is prohibited to place inflammable or otherwise dangerous materials, contraband goods, postage-taxable letters, or parcels in the luggage. Passengers are responsible to the competent Authorities and the Company for any failure to comply with the aforementioned prohibitions, and the Company reserves the right to take action for recovery and fines, fines, or damages incurred for such violations. The passenger is responsible for the custody of their luggage and its contents throughout the crossing and until disembarkation. Luggage cannot be placed on seats or chairs on board. Any complaints regarding damage and/or losses of luggage attributable to the carrier will be handled in accordance with the provisions of the Navigation Code. In any case, the Company's liability for luggage cannot exceed 100 kg per unregistered luggage, including any luggage on or in the accompanying vehicle. Claims must be accompanied by supporting documentation and submitted before disembarkation, in conjunction with Company personnel. The Company is not responsible for theft, loss, misplacement, and/or damage to jewelry, money, documents, manuscripts, electronic devices, valuables, and valuable objects held on board, regardless of where they are kept. The Company does not accept any responsibility for luggage containing items other than personal effects.


A disabled person (hereinafter referred to as PRM - persons with reduced mobility) is defined as a person who is unable to move easily or freely or who requires assistance. Reservations and tickets are offered to PRMs under the same conditions as all other passengers, subject to the provisions of EU Regulation No. 1177/2010. If boarding is denied to PRMs for safety reasons or due to ship design or infrastructure impossibility, they can choose between the right to a refund and alternative transport. PRMs should inform, in writing, at the time of booking or advance ticket purchase, of their specific needs for accommodation, seating, requested services, or the need to transport medical devices. For any other type of assistance, PRMs must notify the Carrier or terminal operator at least forty-eight hours in advance and appear at a designated location at the agreed-upon time, in advance of the published boarding time. If the Carrier or terminal operator is responsible, through its fault or negligence, for the loss or damage of mobility equipment or other specific equipment used by disabled persons or persons with reduced mobility, it must offer the affected persons compensation corresponding to the replacement value of the equipment in question or, as appropriate, the repair costs.


The transport of small domestic animals in cages or on a leash or in conditions that do not cause harm or discomfort to other passengers is allowed on Social Ferries. However, animals are not allowed in the lounges. Dogs must wear a muzzle.


Any complaints or grievances can be addressed to the ship's command or the offices of the Companies. Any reports of damage or injuries suffered must be immediately notified to the ship's Captain.

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