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Meander Travel - Termini & Condizioni

Si consiglia vivamente di conoscere a fondo i termini e le condizioni della compagnia di traghetti con cui si viaggia. Di seguito troverete i termini ufficiali che regolano la prenotazione e il viaggio con Meander Travel. Se avete bisogno di ulteriori chiarimenti, non esitare a contattare il vostro esperto personale di prenotazione traghetti per ricevere assistenza.


The buyer (passenger) gives the necessary confirmation electronically that he/she has read and isinformed about the basic qualities of the passenger transportation ticket subject to thiscontract, passenger transportation rules, sales price and payment method and allinformation regarding delivery. The Buyer accepts and undertakes that he/she has readthis contract and passenger transportation rules, will comply with all the rules in thecontract, and will fulfill all his/her obligations.

The buyer agrees and undertakes that in the event that the buyer does not comply withthe rules specified in this contract and does not fulfill its obligations in accordance withthe rules specified in the contract, the seller may terminate this contract immediatelywithout any notice, reserving all rights.

All damages arising from the buyer’s failure to comply with this contract belong to thebuyer.

Tickets purchased in accordance with this contract are only at the order of the personnamed on the ticket and can be used personally. The buyer accepts and undertakesthat the information he/she enters on the website is correct and that he/she haspurchased tickets to be used by the person named on the ticket. If it is determined thatthe person named on the ticket and the person who wants to receive the service aredifferent, the buyer accepts and undertakes that the seller has no responsibility arisingfrom this contract and may terminate this contract without any notice.


Tickets are personal and cannot be transferred to anyone else.

Once the ticket is purchased, the reservation cannot be changed, the ticketcannot be canceled or refunded.

The passenger is obliged to present the credit card used for the purchase to theauthorities at check-in (at the port when boarding pass is taken).

Open date tickets are valid for the year of issue.

The passenger agrees to obey the ship’s order and the captain’s instructions.

The passenger must be present at the port at least 1 hour before the departuretime of the ship.

The Seller reserves the right to make any changes in the itinerary.

Any disputes related to the transportation shall be resolved in Kusadasi Courts inaccordance with the current tariff conditions and Turkish Laws and Legislation.

Due to bad weather and sea conditions, problems beyond the control of theseller, voyages may be stopped, changed or voyage times may be extended. Theseller is not responsible for any expenses or inconveniences, includingtransportation, accommodation and food expenses that may arise from these andsimilar delays and cancellations beyond the control of the seller.

Women who are over six months pregnant are not allowed to travel on our shipsfor their own safety.

The seller shall not be liable for any injury or death, damage or loss to vehicles,luggage or personal belongings, unless it is proved by a court of law in Kusadasithat such injury or death was caused by the fault or negligence of the seller. Theseller shall not be liable for any injury, death, loss or damage caused byterrorism, riots, civil war, natural disasters, bad sea and weather conditions ormalicious acts of third parties.

The carrier cannot be held responsible for lost passenger belongings on boardthe vessels.

The ticket price is only for transportation between the port of departure and theport of destination. Tickets can only be used for the route indicated on the ticket.The itineraries on the tickets cannot be changed. It does not cover any otherservice offered unless an additional fee has been charged by the seller.

In case the fare is paid in a currency other than the currency in which it isadvertised, the evaluation will be made at the Central Bank Foreign ExchangeSales Rate at the time of purchase of the electronic ticket.

There is no guarantee of a specific seat number on the ship.

Greece does not require a visa from Green and Gray Passport holders.

Regular passport holders must have a Schengen Visa valid for the duration ofthe cruise.

Turkish Citizens with TRNC entry stamp in their passports cannot travel toGreece with these passports.

It is dangerous and forbidden for passengers to board and disembark the shipuntil the ramp is fully opened for embarkation and disembarkation and the ship’screw has given boarding or disembarkation approval and necessary securitymeasures have been taken.

If a passenger behaves on board the ship in such a manner as to endanger theship or any person or property, or obstructs the ship’s crew in the performance oftheir duties, or fails to comply with the instructions of the ship’s crew, or causesreasonable objection by other passengers, the seller may take such measures ashe deems necessary to prevent the continuation of such behavior, includingrestraining the passenger.

Passengers must remain seated during take-off and docking maneuvers.Passengers are required to comply with the warnings announced byannouncements during navigation. The seller cannot be held responsible forinjuries and material damages that may arise from non-compliance with theserules.

The seller shall be liable only in the event of damage to the passenger orbaggage due to its own fault. In case of mutual fault of the passenger, the seller’sliability may be reduced or removed subject to the provisions of the legislation.23. The seller shall not be liable for damage to breakable and perishable items,money, jewelry, precious metals, silverware, promissory notes or othercommercial valuable papers, passports and other identification documents orspecimens in the baggage.

The seller shall not be liable for any illness, injury or disability, including death ofa passenger due to or aggravated by any of the aforementioned conditions whena passenger whose age, mental or physical condition creates a danger or risk tohim/her.

On your return from Samos, you are required to visit the kiosk/office of ouragency (Samos Travel Services) at the Port of Samos to get your boardingpasses and check-in procedures. (Tel: +30 2273 300506)

To facilitate your check-in at the ports, please do not forget to print out youronline ticket.

Passengers with one-way tickets who are not allowed to enter Greece areobliged to purchase a ticket for their return journey.

Passengers with one-way tickets who are not allowed to enter Turkey mustpurchase a new ticket for their return journey.

The passenger undertakes and accepts that he/she does not have a TRNCstamp in his/her passport and that he/she will personally pay the fine to beimposed by Greece if he/she attempts to travel with a TRNC stamp in his/herpassport and that he/she has been informed about this issue by announcement.

The passenger undertakes and agrees that his/her passport, visa, residencepermit or other travel documents do not have any validity period, scope, date,number of entries, length of stay or any other similar element that prevents him/her from entering Greece and that he/she will personally pay the fine to beimposed by Greece in case he/she attempts to travel in case he/she does, andthat he/she has been informed about this issue by announcement.

For round-trip tickets for different seasons, the season price of the departure dateis applied.

For closed return tickets, the return date cannot be changed.

For open return tickets, there is no availability guarantee for the return date.

For open return tickets, the return date and time must be confirmed with ouragencies in Samos during business hours one day before the departure.


The Seller may refuse to carry the Passenger and/or Passenger Baggage for securityreasons or at its discretion in the following and similar cases:

  • Passenger’s behavior, age or mental or physical condition,
  • If it requires special assistance from the seller,
  • Causes inconvenience or objections from other passengers or presents any riskor danger to other persons or property,
  • If the passenger’s failure to comply with the seller’s instructions makes such arefusal necessary,
  • If the passenger refused the security check,
  • Passengers arrive at the boarding terminal under the influence of intoxicatingsubstances and/or narcotics, in a state that may affect the safety and comfort ofother passengers and the navigation,

Passengers refused carriage will not be refunded the ticket price and will not becompensated in any way by the seller.


  • Firearms and ammunition used for other than hunting and sporting purposes areprohibited to be carried as baggage. Firearms and ammunition for hunting andsporting purposes may be accepted as checked baggage to the extent that theycomply with carrier rules. Firearms must be unsecured, unloaded and properlypackaged.
  • The seller may refuse to carry any object as baggage because of its size, shape,weight and nature.
  • The seller may refuse to carry baggage if it is not packed in bags and suitcasesor other suitable containers to ensure safe transportation with normal care.
  • Passengers are entitled to free baggage.
  • At the port of arrival, passengers can pick up their baggage after all baggage hasbeen unloaded from the ship to the dock.
  • Prohibited substances such as drugs are strictly prohibited. If it is detected thatthey are carried, the responsibility belongs entirely to the carrier.


  • Animals such as dogs (except dangerous dogs such as American pit bull terrier,American staffordshire terrier, bull terrier, staffordshire bull terrier, Japanese tosa,dogo argentino, doberman, rottweiler, etc.) and cats with valid vaccination andhealth certificates, entry permits and other documents required by Greece maybe accepted for transportation, provided that they are agreed in advance with theseller.
  • Acceptance of animal transportation is subject to the passenger assuming fullresponsibility for the animal. The seller shall not be liable for the death, illness,delay or loss of, or injury to, such animal or for any pecuniary or non-pecuniarycosts and damages arising from the refusal to allow the animal to enter or transitthrough Greece.


  • The seller cannot be requested to change the passenger, date, time and route information of the electronic tickets purchased according to this contract in any way. The buyer hereby accepts and undertakes that he/she will not change the ticket purchased according to this contract in any way after the sales confirmation and will not request a refund.
  • The ticket fee is not refunded to the passenger who is not allowed to board the ship by the competent authorities or who cannot travel due to visa procedures.

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