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Levante Ferries - Conditions générales d'utilisation

Il est fortement conseillé de connaître les conditions générales de la compagnie de ferry avec laquelle vous voyagez.Vous trouverez ci-dessous les conditions officielles qui régissent votre réservation et votre voyage avec Levante Ferries.Si vous avez besoin de précisions supplémentaires, n'hésitez pas à contacter votre expert personnel en réservation de ferry pour obtenir de l'aide.


The ticket is personal, non-transferable and valid only for the specific trip, itinerary and class it has been issued for. Neither passenger ticket nor vehicle tickets can be issued on board.

Open Tickets

Open tickets shall not be accepted. Passengers with open tickets should early book their seats for a specific trip. In case the fare is higher on the day the passenger wishes to travel, a supplementary ticket should be issued. In case the new fare is lower, the difference is not returned to the passenger. Open tickets are valid for twelve (12) months.

Passenger List

According to EU Directive 98/41, as incorporated in the Greek legislation through Pres id. Decree 23/1999, the latter as amended and in effect, the following details should follow all passenger ships leaving Greek ports and sailing for over 20 miles from the port of departure:

  • passengers’ surnames, passengers’ first names or initial, sex, age or indication about age class as well as any detail voluntarily provided by the passenger concerning any special care or help the passenger may need.
  • Up one-booking and/or ticket issuance, the passenger should check the correctness of the details appearing on the ticket (date, time, itinerary, ship, ID details, etc.) and reject it in case of incorrect details.
  • The ticket may not be transferred without the approval of the shipping company or the ticket issuer.
  • Upon e-booking or ticket issuance, the passenger should provide accurate ID details, contact number and email address so that they can be informed by the shipping company in case of delay, cancellation of the trip. In case the passenger refuses to provide contact details, the issuer enters the refusal into the Computerized Reservation System.

In case of e-booking,the passengers complete their contact details in the relevant electronic form or tick the option "I do not want to be informed in case of delay of cancellation of the trip."

Fare – Discounts

Passenger and vehicle tickets should give the total fare, which includes net fare, costs in favour of third parties (fees, deductions) and VAT. The categories of people entitled to fare discounts appear in detail in Ministerial Decision 3324.1/01/13 dated 15/7/2013, as amended and in effect. Upon e-booking and before the ticket is issued, the passengers should inform the issuer about any fare discount they are entitled to by providing the necessary documentation. Children up to 5 years old travel free of charge but their tickets should be booked and issued at zero fare.


The passengers should:

  • arrive at the ship half an hour before the scheduled time of departure.
  • drive their vehicles to the waiting area 1 hour before the scheduled time of departure.
  • display their tickets and necessary documentation in case of discounted fare tickets upon boarding and ticket control and should take up the respective seat or bed written on the ticket.
  • not remain in the ship’s parking areas with the exception of the drivers who are embarking and disembarking their vehicles.

In case of disabled or physically handicapped passengers, the ticket issuers or the shipping company should be informed about the need for help at the latest forty-eight (48) hours before the help should be provided, while the above passengers should be at a predefined point at a specific time, which should not be prior to sixty (60) minutes before the scheduled time of departure. Moreover, upon booking, the above passengers should inform the shipping company about their special needs for beds and seats as well as the necessary services they may need or their need to bring their own medical equipment on board. In case a passenger with a ticket fails to get on the ship in time (before the scheduled time of departure), they are not entitled to the return of the fare they have paid.

Ships' Routing

The routes are executed alternately by the ships «Fior di Levante», «Mare di Levante», «Andreas Kalvos» and «Kefalonia».The scheduling of ship routing may change according to the needs of passenger traffic. For further clarifications regarding the scheduling of the ships' routing, passengers can contact us by phone at: +30 2810 529000 or via email at

Shipping Routes

Shipping routes between the islands operate and are scheduled independently and the company does not guarantee the combined use of route plans.


Every passenger is allowed to carry hand luggage up to 50 kg without paying any additional fare. Apart from their hand luggage, physically handicapped people are also allowed to carry free of charge any equipment or aid required for their autonomous movement, regardless of weight.

As long as luggage is given for safe keeping and a relevant receipt is issued, the shipping company shall be responsible for any damage or loss of the luggage that takes place on board.

Ticket Cancellation

Tickets are cancelled only by travel agencies as long as they have not been modified in the meanwhile and cancellation is impossible through telephone. The body of the ticket should be delivered to the travel agency that issued it at the latest within one month after the request for cancellation.

The following are in effect with regard to the moment of cancellation:

  • For cancellations made 14 days before the scheduled day of departure of the ship or earlier, the overall fare plus costs in favour of third parties and VAT are returned.
  • For cancellations made 7 days before the scheduled day of departure of the ship or earlier, 75% of the fare plus costs in favour of third parties and VAT are returned.
  • For cancellations made 12 hours before the scheduled day of departure of the ship or earlier, 50% of the fare plus costs in favour of third parties and VAT are returned.
  • For cancellations made within 12 hours before the scheduled day of departure of the ship no money is returned at all.

The above are also in effect in case the ticket is purchased through the website or the call centre of the Partnership in any way and through any means and on condition that the Partnership has been informed in writing or through fax or email. The document through which the passenger requests the cancellation of the ticket should by all means include all booking / ticket details and contact details. Once again, the body of the ticket should be delivered to the Partnership within one month after the request for cancellation. In case of an e-ticket, the electronic file of the ticket should also be attached to the above information mail or fax.

For exceptional reasons and in accordance with Government Gazette 84Α, Article 65, regarding the period between 25 February 2020 and 31 October 2020, by way of derogation from the applicable provisions, the following shall necessarily be in effect:

  • Any claims for refunding the price of ferry tickets, as well as of tickets of international voyages, to passengers that are unable to travel due to the restrictions imposed on movements, or who do not wish to travel due to the uncertainty prevailing because of the pandemic, or due to cancelled services, as long as they are provided for by the national or EU legislation, shall be satisfied by providing the ticket owners with a credit note of a value equal to the price of the ticket of the cancelled service. The credit note shall be issued by the ship owner or the shipping company or the manager (hereinafter the "Transporter") and shall be valid for eighteen (18) months after the date of the original voyage. Throughout the above period, the beneficiary of the credit note can at any moment use it for any destination included in the transporter’s network. The debt may not become due and payable before the expiration of the credit note. The debt shall become due and payable as long as eighteen (18) months have passed and the credit note has not been used.
  • Case a) shall also apply to contracts of fully chartering commercial pleasure craft of L. 4256/2014 (Α΄ 92), which are signed among: (a) the ship owner, i.e. a natural or legal person, including Pleasure Craft Maritime Companies of L. 3182/2003 (Α΄ 22), (b) ship-brokers, shipping agents, tourist agents involved in the charter agreement as per case b of par. 5 of Article 3 of L. 4256/2014 and Joint Ministerial Decision No. 3133.1/10229/2016/4.2.2016 (Β΄ 364), and (c) the charterers, i.e. natural or legal persons.
  • The provisions of the present include claims due to cancelled services or sightseeing voyages and/or prohibition of passenger movement on coastal shipping and international or tourist services in the period between 25 February 2020 and 31 October 2020.
  • The provisions of the present shall necessarily be applicable to other contracts as well, in which the parties have agreed that not only the Greek but also a foreign legislation shall be in effect as long as the relevant rights are provided for by the EU legislation.

Ticket Loss

In case of passenger or vehicle ticket loss, a new ticket should be purchased. As long as the passengers the loss in writing, including the date of the trip, the itinerary, the number of both the lost and the new ticket, and as long as the Partnership investigates its archives and makes sure that the lost ticket has not been used and has not been replaced within six (6) months after the scheduled date of the trip, the passenger is entitled to a new ticket of equal value.


Our passengers ships have special areas where the pets of the passengers necessarily stay during the trip. Only small sized pets are allowed to escort their owners to the cabins as long as they are carried in special baskets or are muzzled and are vaccinated.

Safety on Board

The passengers should:

  • conform to the instructions about silence, order, cleanliness and safety of the ship given by the crew.
  • comply with the regulations of the ship as well as with the instructions given by the captain or the staff of the ship.
  • not carry explosive, inflammable, incendiary and generally dangerous materials.
  • not throw garbage on board the ship or into the sea.
  • leave large luggage or objects in the specials areas so that the corridors of the ship can remain free to walk.
  • not put luggage or objects on the seats.

It should be noted that in high speed passenger ships the passengers are not allowed to remain in the open-air areas of the decks during the trip.

Modification / Return of Ticket

The passengers can modify their tickets as long as there are seats available for the same, or another, trip up to twenty four (24) hours before the scheduled departure of the ship. If the price of the new ticket is lower, the passenger is not entitled to any refund.

Passengers can modify or return their tickets only at the issuer's agency or at the maritime agent of the port, who is specified by the shipping company and is authorized, according to current regulations, to issue passenger and vehicle tickets for the specific ship.

Fare Refund

In case of a total or partial fare refund or compensation, the passenger should deliver the full body or the coupon of the ticket to the shipping company or the issuer of the ticket or to the travel agent specified by the port authorities.


During the trip the passengers can file any complaints to the officer that has been appointed for this reason and, after the end of the trip, to the issuer of the ticket or the Partnership or the port authorities, according to the relevant legislation.

Passenger rights in case of delay (departure-trip), trip interruption, trip cancellation, failed connection, etc.

Passenger rights in the above cases are described in detail in L. 3709/2008, as amended and in effect.

Invalid Passenger Claims

No claims can be filed with regard to a delay, interruption, cancellation or modification of the itinerary that occurs due to reasons of public order or safety, especially due to adverse weather conditions, implementation of legislation or orders issued by the Competent Authority, and more particularly due to help provided to ships or people in danger or any officially approved modification to the scheduled itineraries that is associated with meeting extraordinary transport needs or public interest needs.


For any explanations about the trip the passengers can call telephone number 2810 529000 or send an email at

Missing Items

In case a passenger loses or finds an object, they are kindly requested to contact the ship's reception during the trip or call tel +30 2810 529000 or email after disembarkation.

Legal Framework, Competent Courts

According to Article 3 of L. 2251/1994, as amended and in effect, articles 3 to 4 of the above lawshall not be in effect in case of contracts on passenger service, with the exception of Article 3d, par. 2, and articles 4c and 4f.

The convention for maritime transport is governed by the Greek Law. Any difference arising from the convention or because of the convention shall be exclusively subject to the courts of Athens.

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