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Viajes de ferry Italia - Grecia

Barcos de Venecia, Ancona, Brindisi, Bari a Grecia e Islas Griegas. Con Anek Lines, Minoan Lines, Superfast ferrys, Endeavor Lines, European Sealines, Blue Star Ferries, European Seaways.

Islas griegas high-speed ferries

1000 + 1 salidas de ferries diarias desde los puertos de Atenas (Pireo) y Rafina a todas las islas griegas. Los itinerarios se añaden y se actualizan diariamente. ¡Reserve sus billetes de ferry ahora!

2022 Itinerarios & Precios

Ferries Italia - Grecia

Ferries para las Islas

Camping a Bordo
Anek-Superfast. Superfast Ferries,
Anek Lines.

Camping todo Incluido
Minoan Lines - una cabina interior
(AB2/AB3/AB4) en el precio de cubierta
+ 30% discount on meals in all restaurants.

Venecia Camper Especial
Alojamiento en una cabina interior
en el precio del pasaje de la cubierta
y 30% de descuento en comidas en el
restaurante de autoservicio.

Ferries Italia - Grecia

Ferries para las Islas

La reserva de itinerarios múltiples
permite la combinación de 2 a 4
rutas domésticas (dentro de Grecia)
en una reserva, incluso si las salidas
seleccionadas son operadas por
diferentes compañías de ferry.
Ventouris Ferries Bari Igoumenitsa
Ventouris Ferries Bari Corfu
Ventouris Ferries Bari Kefalonia
Ventouris Ferries Bari Zante
Ventouris Ferries Bari Durres

¡Ofertas de alquiler de coches para sus vacaciones en Grecia y las islas griegas !



From today, August 13, 2020 a new decree by the Italian Minister of Health has come into force providing the following alternative measures which apply to people entering Italy after staying in, or transiting from Croatia, Malta, Greece or Spain in the last 14 days:

a. Obligation to present a certificate showing a negative result of a swab, done within the 72 hours prior to entry in Italy.


b. Obligation to undergo a molecular or antigen test carried out through a swab upon arrival at the Italian airport, port or border place, where possible; or carried out, within 48 hours from entering the Italian territory, at the competent Italian National Public Health clinic. In this latter case, while waiting for the examination test, people are due to wait in fiduciary isolation at their place of residence or dwelling.

All people, regardless of symptoms, entering Italy from the above mentioned countries are due to immediately inform the Prevention Department of the competent Italian National Health office about their arrival. In the event of outbreaks of symptoms of Covid 19, the obligation of immediate information to Italian Health Authority (through the relevant phone number) as well as of self-isolation remain into force.

Moreover, it is also recommended to verify the possible existence of regional decrees that could introduce additional specifications and requirements for entry into the regional territory. For direct access to the websites of the Regions, here.

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