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Triton Ferries - Términos & Condiciones

Se recomienda encarecidamente estar completamente familiarizado con los términos y condiciones de la compañía de ferry con la que viaja. A continuación encontrará los términos oficiales que rigen su reserva y viaje con Triton Ferries.Si necesita más aclaraciones, no dude en ponerse en contacto con su experto personal en reservas de ferries para obtener ayuda.


  • In order to travel, all passengers must comply with the relevant COVID-19 guidelines announced by the Greek Authorities for the prevention of the coronavirus transmission and spread. More information can be found in the relevant “Covid-19” section on our website.
  • Passengers must wear a mask at all times both in indoor areas as well as on the deck areas of the ship. Children under the age of four and individuals who should not wear a mask for medical reasons (that can be proved with relevant supporting documents) – such as respiratory problems, are excepted from the obligation to wear a mask. A minimum distance of 1.5 meters between passengers should be observed.
  • Everyone should adhere meticulously to hygiene measures such as washing their hands, covering their mouth and nose if sneezing, applying antiseptic, etc. During the trip, unnecessary movements should be avoided.
  • In case passengers experience fever, cough, or other respiratory symptoms during the trip they must inform the ship’s crew immediately.


Each ticket is personal, non-transferable and valid only for the specific trip, itinerary and class it has been issued for.

  • The provisions of Presidential Decree no. 23/1999 “Registration of persons traveling by passenger ships operating to or from Greek ports in accordance with Directive 98/41/EC/1998”, are amended, according to PD 102/2019 (A΄ 182).
  • To make that possible, tickets are issued BY NAME and specifically must include:
    • DATE OF BIRTH (Day/Month/Year)

In addition, the issuing agent must be notified of passengers requiring SPECIAL CARE, and passengers are strongly advised to give a TELEPHONE NUMBER so they can be contacted in case of emergency.

  • It is not allowed to issue tickets on board; therefore, for their convenience, passengers are advised to contact their travel agent on time in order to book and issue their tickets.
  • Children up to 5 years old (infants): it is obligatory to issue a Free of Charge ticket.

E-tickets can be obtained via the Web Check-in platform (available on our website – www.tritonferries.gr) from the time the booking was confirmed up to 30 minutes before boarding.


  • Children up to 5 years old (infants) travel for free.
  • Children aged 5-10 have a 50% discount on the fare.
  • Families with 3 children or more have a 50% discount on the fare.
  • Retirees from the P.S.F. (Panhellenic Seamen Federation – NAT) have a 50% discount on the fare.
  • Only students of Greek public universities are eligible for a 50% discount on the fare.
  • Passengers with Special Needs and their Attendant (with a disability percentage of 80% and higher as certified by a competent body that they need an Attendant) have a 50% discount on the fare. Children with Special Needs up to the age of 18 travel for free. The discount also applies to their vehicles (when the relevant certification is presented and the beneficiary is traveling).

GROUP DISCOUNTS: can be provided following a written request and depending on availability.

Passengers eligible for a discount must declare it when making a reservation and all supporting documents must be presented both when making a reservation, and when boarding the vessel. Following ticket issuance, it is not possible to get any difference refunded.


Pets travel free of charge. Passengers traveling with a pet should hold updated health documents for their pet and are responsible for the pet’s care, safety and hygiene. Un-accompanied pets are not allowed onboard.


HIGH SEASON: 26/4/2024 – 12/5/2024, 1/6/2024 – 8/9/2024

  • Up to 7 days prior to departure: Tickets are cancelled without charge or can be converted to open date tickets or for another departure date.
  • From 7 days and up to 2 hours prior to departure: A 50% cancellation charge is applied or alternatively tickets can be converted to open date tickets or for another departure date.
  • 2 hours prior and up to the departure: A 50% cancellation charge is applied. Tickets cannot be cancelled or converted to open date tickets or to travel on another date.
  • After departure: Tickets cannot be cancelled or converted to open date tickets or to travel on another date.

LOW SEASON: All other dates except those mentioned in HIGH SEASON

  • Up to 3 days prior to departure: Tickets are cancelled without charge or can be converted to open date tickets or for another departure date.
  • From 3 days and up to 2 hours prior to departure: A 50% cancellation charge is applied or alternatively tickets can be converted to open date tickets or for another departure date.
  • From 2 hours and up to the departure: A 50% cancellation charge is applied. Tickets cannot be cancelled or converted to open date tickets or to travel on another date.
  • After departure: Tickets cannot be cancelled or converted to open date tickets or to travel on another date.


  • Open date tickets are valid for boarding only if a boarding card, valid for the specific date of travel, has been issued.
  • Open date tickets are valid for maximum one (1) year since the date they were converted to "open", or until the ship ceases to operate the specific itinerary.
  • If passengers wish to travel on a date when a higher fare is in force, then they must pay the difference between the current and the pre-paid open ticket fare.


  • Tickets can be cancelled only by the agents that issued them.
  • Tickets cannot be cancelled over the phone. The tickets must be delivered to the issuing agent.

The above also apply when a ticket is purchased online through the company website (https://tritonferries.gr/en/) provided that the company is informed in writing by email. In order for the cancellation request to be valid, the passenger must provide all booking / ticket information and contact details.


When a ticket is lost, a new ticket must be purchased.


Passengers must:

  • be at the embarkation area at least one (1) hour before departure, and
  • bring their vehicle at the embarkation area at least one (1) hour before departure.

Drivers must embark and disembark their vehicle. Vehicles’ passengers must exit the vehicle before embarkation. Vehicles’ priority order for embarkation is determined by the Port Regulations of each Port Authority, where embarkation takes place.

All passengers are required to present their ticket, identity card or any other official documents to the vessel’s authorized personnel. For discounted fares, necessary accompanying documents must also be presented prior to boarding and in case of a ticket control onboard. The carrier reserves the right to deny embarkation to any individual who does not possess valid travel documents or fails to prove beyond doubt his/her identity.

After boarding, passengers are not allowed to disembark without permission from the Authorised Crew Members (Purser’s Office). In case a passenger wishes to disembark, then he/she is obliged to inform the vessel’s Purser’s Office and upon leaving the ship take all of his/her luggage as well. For vehicles, kindly note that there is the possibility of being unable to remove them from the ship’s garage due to their pre-arranged parking positions.


Passengers who are younger than 15 years old are not allowed to travel without being accompanied by a parent or a guardian.

Unaccompanied minors aged from 15 to 18 years old can travel only if the following conditions are met:

  • Completion of a Statutory Declaration by the parent or the legal guardian of the minor with his/her signature certified by the relevant Police or Port Authority. Please contact us via email at info@greekferries.gr.
  • For boarding to be allowed, the unaccompanied minor must present the original Statutory Declaration, along with the ticket, as well as his/her Identity Card for identification purposes.
  • The parent or the legal guardian is solely responsible for making sure that the minor passenger has the necessary certified Statutory Declaration, as well as of any accompanying documents that may be required at the port of departure.
  • Under no circumstances will the company be held liable if, due to inadequate documents and/or identification certificates, boarding is denied by the vessel’s Officers or the Port Authorities.


  • Luggage should be placed in the designated areas of the vessel, as per the crew’s instructions. Every passenger is permitted to leave up to two (2) items of luggage in the vessel’s garage. For more than 2 items of luggage, a bill of lading should be present.
  • The company cannot be held responsible for any loss of money or valuables left in the cabins, the ship’s common areas or the vehicles. The company is responsible for the damage or loss of luggage on board, only if they have been handed over for safe-keeping and a relevant receipt has been issued.
  • Luggage must not contain valuable items. These items can be handed over to the vessel’s Reception for safe-keeping.


  • For security reasons, passengers must follow at all times the instructions of the Captain and the crew.
  • Access to the vessel’s garage is prohibited during the journey.
  • It is strictly prohibited to bring onboard hazardous materials, drugs or contraband.
  • In case a passenger carries a weapon, they must hand it over to the Captain during embarkation for safe-keeping and present the relevant license for owning and carrying the weapon.


  • The company endeavors to adhere to the itinerary and time-schedule it has already announced. However, in case deemed necessary, it maintains the right for modification.
  • Arrival times quoted indicate the time the vessel arrives at the entrance of the port.
  • The company reserves the right to reschedule its vessels if necessary.



Passengers and vehicles can embark without changing their tickets.


The tickets of a cancelled departure are not valid for embarkation and must be exchanged with a valid boarding card for the next scheduled departure, pending on availability.


In case of a departure being delayed or cancelled due to extreme weather conditions etc., passengers are kindly requested to contact the Port Authorities and the ticket agencies in order to be informed about the new departure time.


When booking tickets, passengers are obliged to provide their mobile phone number so that they can be reached in case of need (e.g. change of departure time, cancellation of trip due to bad weather conditions etc.). For non-Greek phone numbers, the 4-digit country code must also be provided.


Passengers who have lost or found an item on board, are kindly requested to contact the ship’s Reception immediately during their journey and most importantly before disembarkation. For any information you may require after disembarkation, please contact our Customer Service Dept. via email at info@greekferries.gr.


As per the National Law 3730 of the Greek Ministry of Health, as from July 1st 2009, smoking is strictly prohibited in all enclosed public areas, as well as the vessels’ cabins. Passengers may smoke in the designated areas on the open outer decks.


For any Customer Service inquiries, comments or suggestions, please send us an e-mail at info@greekferries.gr.

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