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ANES Ferries - Términos & Condiciones

Se recomienda encarecidamente estar completamente familiarizado con los términos y condiciones de la compañía de ferry con la que viaja. A continuación encontrará los términos oficiales que rigen su reserva y viaje con ANES Ferries.Si necesita más aclaraciones, no dude en ponerse en contacto con su experto personal en reservas de ferries para obtener ayuda.


  • The ticket is personal, bears the passenger’s name, is not transferrable and is valid exclusively for the route, the date and the class for which it is issued.
  • Under Community Directive 98/41/EC and for safety reasons, a passenger’s list is mandatory on every route. For this reason, the tickets are issued by NAME and specifically must include:
    • The passenger’s Name and Surname
    • Gender: Male/Female
    • Age/date of Birth: Adult /Child/Infant
    • Nationality
    • If there is a vehicle: Type and Registration Number of the vehicle
  • At the issuance (in an agency or on the internet) of the ticket, the passenger is strongly recommended to give his/her contact telephone number (preferably mobile) to allow notification in case of delay, postponement or cancellation of the shipping route. In case of the passenger’s refusal to disclose his/her contact information, this is recorded in the ticket issue system.
  • Ticket issuance on board is prohibited and therefore, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble, passengers must proceed to the issuance of tickets in due time.
  • Tickets must be issued within the set deadline from the date of reservation, for which passengers are informed by their Travel Agent. Otherwise, the reservation is automatically cancelled.
  • Children up to five (5) years: the issuance of a zero-fare ticket is mandatory.


  • Passengers must board on the ship half an hour before the scheduled time of travel and bring their vehicles to the check-in point one (1) hour before the time of travel.If for any reason they miss their departure they are not entitled to a fare refund.
  • Drivers are obliged to embark and disembark their vehicle. Vehicles’ passengers must exit the vehicle before embarkation. Vehicles’ priority order for embarkation is determined by the Port Regulations of each Port Authority, where embarkation takes place.
  • Drivers and passengers must bear any items that they might need during the trip. After departure, entrance to the vehicle area is prohibited.
  • All passengers should be able to present their valid travel documents. The company reserves the right not to allow boarding in case of a passenger not having the travel documents required.


Tickets must be issued within a specific time period following their booking, of which passengers are advised by their travel agent. If tickets are not issued within this period the booking is automatically cancelled. The company reserves the right to change the time periods of option dates.


HIGH SEASON: 1st of June – 8th of September

  • 3 days following the booking
  • 3 days before the departure

LOW SEASON: 9th of September – 31st of May

  • 10 days following the booking
  • 1 day before the departure


Open date tickets are valid for 1 year and such tickets are not accepted for boarding. It is necessary, the initial ticket to be replaced with a new ticket before boarding. If, until the date of travel, the fare has been increased, owners of such tickets must pay the difference. All tickets may be changed into Open Date Tickets up to one (1) hour prior the time of scheduled departure.


We inform you that our company supports the service of prepaid tickets (PTA). All prepaid tickets must have been printed before boarding. The issuance of tickets is possible through the company’s central offices, the central port agents as well as through the company’s ferry ticket booths on each departure port.


Fare Refund Policy:

  • From the ticket issuance and up to 14 days prior the scheduled departure of the ship: Tickets can be cancelled without cancellation penalties if the whole body of the ticket is returned.
  • From the ticket issuance and up to 7 days prior the scheduled departure of the ship: Tickets can be cancelled with a cancellation penalty of 25% as long as the whole body of the ticket is returned.
  • From the ticket issuance and up to 12 hours prior the scheduled departure of the ship: Tickets can be cancelled with a cancellation penalty of 50% as long as the whole body of the ticket is returned.

NOTE: All tickets may be changed into Open Date Tickets up to one (1) hour prior the time of scheduled departure.

After departure: Tickets are not cancelled, nor change into Open Date Tickets and the date of travel may not be changed.

Tickets are cancelled by the company’s Central Offices, Central Agents and Central Port Agents and when the original tickets have been presented. Tickets cannot be cancelled over the phone.

After departure: Tickets are not cancelled, nor change into Open Date Tickets and the date of travel may not be changed.


In case of ticket loss, passengers must purchase a new ticket in order to travel. Then, they must inform the company about the loss in writing stating the date of travel, the itinerary, the number of the lost ticket, the number of the new ticket which is purchased and a photocopy of the latter. If resulted by the company’s archives that the lost ticket has not been used within one (1) month from the date of travel, the company will replace it with a ticket of the same route and class as the lost one without any additional fare charge. The statement of loss of the ticket shall be submitted by e-mail to info@greekferries.gr.


  • The company undertakes every effort to meet the scheduled routes stated in its brochures and website. However, it reserves the right to modify them if necessary and after approval of the Port Authorities.
  • The company bears no liability for any cancellation, delay of the route due to adverse weather conditions or orders of the competent Ministry and the Port Authorities or due to Force Majeure reasons and made for the safety of passengers.
  • If the scheduled route is not made due to the company or Force Majeure reasons (e.g. embarkation prohibition due to weather conditions), passengers are fully refunded of the ticket price.


The tickets of a cancelled departure are not valid for embarkation and must be exchanged with valid tickets for the next scheduled departure, pending on availability.

In case of a departure being delayed or cancelled due to extreme weather conditions etc., passengers are kindly requested to contact the company’s port agencies in order to be informed about the new departure time.

After departure: Tickets are not cancelled, nor change into Open Date Tickets and the date of travel may not be changed.


We kindly request that the tickets of passengers and vehicles as well as the reduced fare tickets be issued correctly in order to avoid any discomfort. The Purser Officers carry out ticket controls upon boarding and during the voyage. Upon such controls, passengers are required to present their tickets as well as any documents which entitle them to a reduced fare ticket.


  • Passengers may bear hand luggage of up to 50 kilos, without paying an extra fare. Persons with mobility problems may, without paying an extra fare, bear, apart from their hand luggage, any equipment or aids needed for their autonomous movement, irrespective of weight.
  • During the trip, luggage can remain in the vehicles. When passengers are travelling without a vehicle, their luggage must be placed in specially designated points of the ships, according to the instructions of the crew.
  • Valuables, money and expensive items may be given to the Chief Purser for safe-keeping. The company bears no liability in case of loss of such objects kept in luggage. The company is responsible for the damage or loss of luggage on board, only if they have been handed over for safe-keeping and a relevant receipt has been issued.
  • If passengers choose to look after their luggage themselves, the company bears no liability for possible damages or their loss.
  • Passengers who have lost or found an object are kindly requested to inform, during the voyage, the Reception of the ship or after disembarkation, the agency’s, Customer Service Department, tel: (+30) 2810 529000, e-mail: info@greekferries.gr.


  • For sanitary reasons pets are not allowed in the bars, restaurants and internal areas of the ship.
  • Dogs, if moving (always with a leash and accompanied by their owners) must necessarily wear a muzzle.
  • Passengers who travel with a pet must always bear with them its recently updated health booklet, a transport box for a pet up to 10Kg or a muzzle for a pet over 10Kg, and be responsible for the pet’s care, safety and sanitization.
  • Unaccompanied pets are not allowed.


  • Passengers are prohibited to bear guns, cartridges, explosive, flammable, inflammatory and generally dangerous material.
  • For security reasons, all persons and all items brought on board are liable to be searched. Persons refusing to comply with this demand shall be denied access on board and will be reported to the appropriate port authorities.
  • All passengers are required to present their ticket, identity card or any other official documents to the vessel’s authorized personnel. The carrier reserves the right to deny embarkation to any individual who does not possess valid travel documents or fails to prove beyond doubt, his/her identity. After boarding, disembarkation without permission of the ship’s Officers is prohibited.


Under L.3730/2008 smoking is prohibited in all enclosed public areas of the ship. Passengers may only smoke in the designated areas on the open outer decks.


For any question, comment or observation, please call: (+30) 2810 5237613 or send an email: info@greekferries.gr.

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