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Limnos Ferries East Aegean: Ferry and Ships to Limnos Island - Greek Islands East Aegean Greece

Ferry and Ships to Limnos Island Greek Islands East Aegean Greece

Travel information for Ferries.
Ships and Ferries to Limnos - East Aegean Islands.

Limnos and the East Aegean Islands in general are connected to the port of Piraeus. From Limnos you
can also visit the nearby Cycladic islands of Syros,
Tinos, Mykonos, Andros etc.

In addition, there are ferry connection from Limnos
ferry to the island of Rhodes, and basically all East Aegean and Dodecanese Islands via a third island and
to the ports of Thessaloniki, Kavala and Alexandroupoli.

Your trip to Limnos can be with a conventional ferry
boat or by Highspeed depending on the day, the
time and the ferry company you wish to travel with.

If you select to visit Limnos with the conventional
ferry your trip will take about 5-10.30 hours while
with a Highspeed ferry 3.30-7.30 hours depending
on how many ports the ferry will call at on the way.

Ferries from Piraeus to Limnos run all year round
on a daily basis. In summer of course there are
more departures to choose from.

1. Piraeus - Tinos - Ikaria - Lesvos - Limnos
2. Piraeus - Syros - Tinos - Lesvos - Limnos
3. Piraues - Syros - Tinos - Ikaria - Samos
Lesvos - Limnos
4. Piraeus - Andros - Tinos - Ikaria - Chios
Lesvos - Limnos
5. Piraeus - Mykonos - Ikaria - Samos - Chios
Lesvos - Limnos
6. Piraeus - Mykonos - Chios - Lesvos - Agios
Efstartios - Limnos
7. Thessaloniki - Limnos - Lesvos
8. Kavala - Thasos - Samothraki - Limnos
9. Alexandroupoli - Samothraki - Limnos

Attention !
The above mentioned information is subject to alteration. To be sure about correct schedules, departure and arrival times of conventional and highspeed ferries check the ONLINE Booking System.

Limnos Ferries East Aegean Islands

Ships and Ferries to the island of Limnos in the East Aegean
Travel Information for ferries to Limnos. Island of Limnos East Aegean.

ON LINE Booking System for seats and tickets in real time.

Starting your reservation through the online booking system you can select to have your tickets
sent to you or to collect them from the port office on the day of departure about 2 hours
before departure simply by giving your reservation code and showing your ID card.

We wish you a pleasant trip!

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Α multileg reservation allows you
to combine 2 to 4 domestic routes
(routes within Greece) in one reservation,
even if the selected departures are
operated by different ferry companies.

Travel Guide Limnos Island East Aegean Greece


Archaeological Museum

Archaeological Museum Limnos East Aegean Greek Islands Greece

The archaeological museum of Limnos opened in 1961.

It is a three-storey building located on the Romean shore, near High School. It includes findings from the excavation of the Italian Archaeological School in Poliochni, Kaviria and Hefestia, also findings excavated in Myrina and other sporadic findings from all over the island. The objects are exhibited in chronological order, following the island's history.

The visitor enters directly into the ground floor chamber where prehistoric Limnos is presented.

There some findings from Poliochni, are exhibited, since the ancient times called Mauri till the Ionian period. Furthermore, a variety of artefacts from Myrina of the early Copper Age, and objects from the early ages when the island was settled, are exhibited, as well as samples of pottery from Koukonissi, and many others.

Folklore Museum

Folklore Museum is located in the village Portianou.

A lot of findings are exposed from the resident’s everyday life. There are all carefully presented in a two storey building worth visiting.